Photography is a gift. . . . to yourself, your children and generations to come.  Selecting your family photographer is a choice that you should make carefully and with great consideration of what you are looking for.   Part of that consideration is financial investment.  I offer both full and mini-sessions for my clients, depending on what they are looking for.   Each session involves both my time with you during the session itself, but also my time afterwards for processing the images and working with you to complete your order.   Therefore, I do charge a session fee for each session.   Depending on the type of session, the fee is paid upfront, and then the client selects images upon viewing the proofs.  Sometimes the fee is included in an all-in-one price, paid up front, and then the product is delivered to the client upon completion.    To find out the fee for your session, please contact me directly and let me know what you are looking for (the type of session, location, and possible dates to see if I am available).